What people say?

“TBP provides young adults who are already on the right track an opportunity to learn the justice system and give back to the community while at the same time allowing a young adult who broke the law to get a second chance and do the right thing, as well as vindicate those other young adults that did nothing wrong.”

Paola M. Armeni Androvandi, Esq., Senior Attorney

What people say?

“I did not enter The Trial By Peers Program as many of my brilliant classmates did, for whatever plausible reasons they had. I entered Trial by Peers as a defendant and a delinquent, just another discontent, angry, teenage statistic. A kid who saw all the trouble growing in the world and felt powerless to stand and fight. Truly and regretfully believing that no one listened to people my age or heard what we said and simply did not care. I wronged others because I felt wronged. I fed a fire that I felt burning me, a fire I should have attempted at least to extinguish. I know now thanks to the TBP program, I can be heard and for once understood, regardless of my age, race or socioeconomic stature. My life has been touched by the lives of my peer counselors and inspired deeply by the lessons and words of my teachers. This program has taken me back to what I truly needed; to know that there can be justice in the world and now the rewarding privilege to bring that hope to others.

A sincere thank you to L’Ikera Retzloff, Karen Whelan, Mary Chapman, Tara Newberry, Elizabeth Ashley and a particular gratitude to Sandra Devora whose relentless empathy and compassion saw me through it all.”

Jazmin E. Garcia, 2010

What people say?

“I learned so much about the court system while I was with the program, met some really fascinating and professional people, and learned a lesson or two about life that I never would have if I had not been a part of this group.”

Donnie Coloma, Peer Counselor

What people say?

“The purpose of Trial By Peers is to divert teenagers. When I prosecute and defend the people that come through the program, I seek to make it a learning process, NOT a punitive process, which is the main difference between this and the juvenile justice system.”

Daron Bigby, Peer Counselor

What people say?

"I'm so delighted that I volunteered to become a peer for this program. It has brought so much positive experiences and knowledge about the legal system. TBP has helped me in better judgement to think twice about many of the consequences when a crime is violated, and how detrimental a juvenile record can effect your career once it gets on file. TBP has enlighten and thought me immeasurable about the process of the legal system while serving on jury duty. TBP is such a excellent program, it also gave me the opportunity to give back to the local community."

Quincy Ellison, Peer Counselor

What people say?

"I have been a Peer Counselor with Trial By Peers for 2 years now and I have to say it is an amazing program to be a part of. It has given me a chance to figure out what it is I want to be when I get older. I have the opportunity to work with my peers and with real attorneys. They are the senior attorneys and they help us if we need help analyzing our cases. I love being able to do real cases and actually present the cases in court like the attorneys do. It is great hands on experience and you learn a lot about the law. It is great community service and you get to meet a lot of great people. I am thankful to have this experience at such an early age."

Ciarra Wesley, Peer Counselor

What people say?

"Wow! Personally I have to say this is one of the best programs I have seen for a long time. The discipline that this teaches the children is priceless. The training is unbelievable. They work with them step by step so that they are confidently able to pass a junior bar exam. Attorneys and Judges come out after hours to talk with the children about Law and different aspects of the Law. It is amazing to see the patience they have with them. The program coordinators are awesome. They set clear expectations and are very helpful, encouraging and understanding. They respect the Peer Counselors as responsible young adults and offer their support to them beyond belief. This encourages them to strive even higher with their goals. I am quite thankful that my daughter had the opportunity to be a part of this wonder program. It will help her as she continues to consider her career directions. I recommend this program to everyone!"

Melodee Wesley, Parent of Ciarra Wesley

What people say?

"Typing this as I look out my dorm window to the University of North Dakota, I think back and see what Trial By Peers did for me. As a junior in college, I total thus far one internship with SkyWest Airlines, Vice Chair of the Student Policy Committee, a successful election to the University Senate, three years later I come the following conclusion: a great, great deal. Despite TBP and my major of Unmanned Aerial Systems being a world apart, what the program gave to me is immeasurable. Confidence. Great public speaking skills. Empathy. The deep seeded feeling that I helped and made a difference. Just to name a few. While my experiences during college both in and out of the classroom continue enrich my education and prepare me for a future that will no doubt be prosperous, the foundation that Trial By Peers help lay has given me a springboard to my current success. From the courtrooms of the many honorable judges, alongside the great volunteers of TBP, and of course Mom, to now the positive impact is beyond a reasonable doubt."

Shane Gerbert, Peer Counselor

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