Trial By Peers


The Clark County Law Foundation’s Trial By Peers (TBP) program is an innovative diversion program used as an alternative for first and some second time juvenile offenders. This program gives juveniles hands-on experience within the legal system and allows youth charged with misdemeanors to be tried, represented, and sentenced by their peers – other teens.

Youth have the opportunity to participate in TBP in three primary areas of the program: as a defendant, a peer counselor or a juror. Defendants are prosecuted, defended by teen counselors, and tried in front of a jury of their peers.  Teen juries determine the guilt or innocence and if applicable, impose a sentence. If the defendant completes the sentence accordingly, then his record will only reflect a referral to the peer court.  Sentences may include jury duty, community services, letters of apology, and personal development classes.

The Clark County Law Foundation is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.  Please note that all forms are available  on the CCLF website. However, if individuals are experiencing difficulty in printing or returning required forms, please visit or call our office at (702) 333-8277 for assistance.

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Special thanks to all the judges and attorneys who generously donate their time to the TBP program throughout the year.


  • Hon. Linda M. Bell
  • Hon. Elissa F. Cadish
  • Hon. Stephen J. Dahl
  • Hon. Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Hon. Lloyd D. George
  • Hon. Cynthia N. Giuliani
  • Hon. Douglas Hedger
  • Hon. Jennifer L. Henry
  • Hon. Sean Hoeffgen
  • Hon. Michael A. Koning
  • Hon. Chris Lee
  • Hon. Kenneth E. Pollock
  • Hon. Mark Stevens
  • Hon. Frank Sullivan
  • Hon. Warren R. VanLandschoot


  • Paola Armeni
  • Elizabeth S. Ashley
  • Joice B. Bass
  • Jacqueline Bretell
  • Alexis Brown
  • Wayne Carter
  • Mary F. Chapman
  • Lucinda Coumou
  • Stephen J. Dahl
  • Douglas J. Duesman
  • Doreen S. Hartwell
  • Dustun Holmes
  • Kimberly A. Hyson
  • Kara L. Krause
  • Meredith L. Markwell
  • Tara Newberry
  • Patrick Orme
  • Martin Orsinelli
  • Ed G. Poleski
  • Felicia Quinlan
  • Nathan Severson
  • Helen P. Towlerton
  • Rene L. Valladares